Lee Kebler has been a professional sound designer in Nashville Tennessee for the past decade and is now located in the Los Angeles California area. Working in music, live sound, audio for video, and broadcast engineering, Lee is one of the rare professionals that can create, edit, and produce Anything Sound.

Anything Sound┬áis in Los Angeles California one of the entertainment capitols of the world. Music production is a corner stone in Lee’s career and it has expanded past song and album production. Starting in the music industry in 2002, Lee produced songs for Gotee Records and Sony/BMG. He holds production credits for multiple pop/hip hop and rock artists, and music production was his first passion in sound design. Soon the music started to mix with broadcast and video production clients. Thus, Lee’s music production went from exclusively artist based to soundtracking and music syncing for video. He has produced music for artists, TV, documentary, commercial spots, and movies.

Soon after, Lee expanded his work beyond music production and teamed up with major broadcasters to develop and design sound for video, live events, radio, TV, and web content… so, basically “Anything Sound”. He has become an expert in sound design for media and wants to work with companies, products, and organizations that are eager to make their voice heard loud and clear.

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