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As work progresses, time moves on, and everything around us changes, I will be contributing to this blog as much as I can. I hope this gives insight, to those interested in what I do. This part is not just about anything sound but also anything about myself, my work, and my goals. With that said, let’s get started!

Return of the Jedi

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Return of the Jedi

I estimate that 99% of my professional audio career has been in Nashville. The other 1% was recently spent in Sarasota Florida where I was contracted to work at the Joy FM radio network. When the networks contract was completed, I was left with a serious, but adventurous question… where to next?! My wife and I looked at our situation and thought maybe New York? LA? Oregon? Even Omaha? But our friends and base is in Nashville. And so, we return to the “music city” with high hopes and strong ambitions.       My...

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