Return of the Jedi

I estimate that 99% of my professional audio career has been in Nashville. The other 1% was recently spent in Sarasota Florida where I was contracted to work at the Joy FM radio network. When the networks contract was completed, I was left with a serious, but adventurous question… where to next?! My wife and I looked at our situation and thought maybe New York? LA? Oregon? Even Omaha? But our friends and base is in Nashville. And so, we return to the “music city” with high hopes and strong ambitions.




My first day back, I was invited to work on a shoot for a TV spec pilot to pitch the SYFY network. “Strange Times” is an incredible, original comedy unlike anything I have seen. It was a blast working with the crew and being a part of such an original process.

The shoot included (2) Red cameras and sound was captured using an M66 boom and 4 Lav packs. A gentleman named Ron (last name will soon be added) ran the live mix to the cameras. The shoot took place at a few different locations, however, the bulk of the office shots were taken at Cummins Station in the Zoe Creative suite. My 1st two days back in Nashville were spent here and the time with old friends and meeting new people was well spent.














I am looking forward to the days ahead and the amazing work that will come. Always feel free to contact me on your project if it needs “Anything Sound”.

– Lee Kebler