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There is one thing that music, radio, TV and webcasting all need (other than GREAT sound); sound is nothing without great personality. Lee Kebler has been a professional on-air talent in various forms of media for the past decade. Do you have everything ready for your project, except the right person in front of your consumer? He may be a perfect fit for your project or product.


Lee started as a drive time radio host under the moniker “Keebz” in the metro Nashville area in 2003. Soon, Lee went on to produce the nationally syndicated Billboard chart radio program “The Weekend 22”.

This introduction to broadcasting lead him to host large shows throughout Nashville TN and to start his own talent business for clients nation wide. He soon started touring with multiple music acts around the world and promoting events in cities everywhere. Lee has hosted live events for: major record labels, businesses, non-profits, television, radio, and voice over promotions. He also provides sound, DJ music, and hosting for public and private events everywhere.

Just some of his appearances include:

*Television for CBN and multiple shows at Northstar Studio’s Nashville

*Radio for WNAZ 89.1, Jay Sekulow Live, The Weekend22, Joy FM/RNT  radio network, Virtual Frequency,

*Voice Over for Hanson, Peter Schiff Campaign, The Logan Show, Jay Sekulow Live, Pepsi Bottling Group, and many more

*Live event hosting for Rocketown Nashville, Provident Records, Gotee Records, Switchfoot, WNAZ events, Nashville Sounds Baseball, Nashville Rythme Basketball, Joy FM events, Hero at the Ryman Auditorium (Grand Ole’ Opry).

*DJ performances for Toby Mac Diver-city Tour, Music Fest – Norway, General Jackson for the Grand Ole Opry, Rocketown Nashville, and other public and private events nation wide.

Lee Kebler (age 28) brings a youthful, relatable personality that connects with ages 15 to 35. A personality that presents itself as informed and eager to give great information to anyone that listens. Well spoken, clear and fun. If your message is important to you and you need the right person to present it, just click the contact button now.

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