Field Audio and Foley

Possibly the most important and yet over looked jobs, in the art of sound, is the field audio technician and foley artist. They are often overlooked because, if they do their job well… you would never know they were there. They are absolutely integral to your sound design.

Have you ever wondered why; when you watch a TV show, movie, or professionally produced video, that every sound in the production is crisp, clean and perfect? Although, when you shoot a home video, however, everything sounds… well, like a home video?

That is because, someone has hired a field audio technician and a foley artist.  They are the people on shoots wearing big headphones and carrying a long stick with a fuzzy microphone on the end and they make sure your project sounds GREAT!. Your sound is only as good as your field audio techincian. You can have the best footage, but if the audio is poor, your project will ultimately suffer.

Lee has provided field audio tech and foley design for:

*News broadcast – Fox News Network

*NorthStar Studio – Nashville TN

*The Dave Ramsey Show – Broadcast

*Financial Peace University – Product

*ACLJ Weekly – TV and Webcast

*48 hour film festival – winner of best sound design 2008

Lee can help you supply the sound expertise you need for you next project. A reliable, professional, and diligent field audio technician can make or break your video.

Contact Lee to find out exactly what you need to make your project sound crisp and clear!