Engineering & Build Out

Lee Kebler has been building recording and broadcast studios for years and can help you design and execute your next big build out. From start to finish, Lee will set down with you and help define your needs to fit your budget. Then Lee will help execute the buildout, installation, configuration, launch the studio and train your staff! From start to finish the job will get done, on time and on budget! The planning system is very straight forward; have clear definitions and goals, place the budget first and build the studio AROUND the money… not the other way around. Lee has also designed broadcast rack rooms and tower sites for multiple organizations. If your facility needs sounds… it can be done and on your terms.

Below are just a few examples of what Lee Kebler has built:



In 2009 the ACLJ had Lee build two state of the art radio studios and incorporated new IP audio technology throughout both systems.

The first studio was built in a 100+ year old building in north Nashville TN. This building was once an early automobile manufacturer and came with many technical hurdles due to its ages and some dilapidated areas.

We were, however, able to remodel the building and install a profession broadcast studio and the results were amazing!



The installation included:

(4) ISDN connections, (2) IP remote connections, (3) mic studio, and a fully integrated  IP Audio System “Power Station” that was one of the first in professional broadcasting.


The second studio was in Franklin TN at “The Factory”. This iconic facility has housed major record labels and TV productions for the past decade. This particular build was on much larger scale. The size of studio and control room both doubled in size and we were able to do away with the rack room all together. Custom furniture and broadcast desk, along with a seated broadcasting console, made this studio not only highly functional but extremely comfortable to be in.



Installation for this studio was the same as the first studio, however, we have added an IP audio chain to replace the (4) ISDN connections used for broadcasting.

As this project came to an end, Lee spent the last month training staff to take over the responsibilities of the radio program production and engineering. For more information on the current program, visit




In 2011 The Joy FM contracted Lee Kebler for 8 months in 2011 to redesign much of the functionality and process of the radio station and its remote tower sites.

The redesign included:

Configuration of the WideOrbit automation system

Microphone upgrade and processing

Complete IP audio delivery upgrade & install (network wide)

Live event productions for two concerts consisting of venues ok 1,ooo+ seating

Live remote upgrade & install

Full rack room rebuild

Tower site/Satellite scouting & install

Design & install national syndication system for multiple station broadcasts

This was an intense 8 month contract and it stretched the bounds of creative audio design on a budget. Lee Kebler CAN find a way to work within most budgets and will do so to complete the tasks that seem insurmountable. You can contact him now to find your own broadcast and recording studio solutions.