Broadcast Production

Broadcast, in any media, is a challenging and competitive arena and getting your voice heard above all the other shouting voices can not only seem impossible, but can be a major head ache. Most people starting in broadcasting, wether it be in TV, radio or online, think you just turn on the mic or camera and go… and that’s when they finally realize that broadcasting isn’t just about talking.

If you are looking to start your own broadcast or just need someone to help shape your current brand, you may want to consider finding a consultant and a producer.



The consultant will help you design the show, time it out, connect you to the best avenue to get your voice heard, and help you better define your demographics and goals.

The producer will help you make the show happen! From technical work, interview schedules, syndication connections, and content gathering, producers make all the small pieces of a show fit together in a concise package called “The (Your Name Here) Show!”

Hiring two people to do these jobs can be expensive and spreading the lines of communication can cause problems with efficiency. So instead, what if you could hire 1 person to do both jobs? That would cut costs and increase the efficiency of the program.

Lee Kebler has been in broadcast production since 2003 and has helped many broadcast companies define their goals, reach their markets, and hold the attention of the listener.

A Few Past Clients Include:

*Production Director at WNAZ

*Producer of nationally syndicated The Weekend22 Countdown (with Billboard Charts)

*Audio Director for “The Dave Ramsey Show”

*Producer and Chief Engineer of ┬ánationally syndicated “Jay Sekulow Live!”

*Broadcast Consultant of Technical Engineering for The JOY and the RTN network

Lee can help you plan, build, and execute your broadcast at any level.

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