Sound for Video

Since long ago, when our grandparents did away with silent films and the talking picture was introduced, sound has been the other half of the video industry. It is often the last thing considered when working with video, but the first thing to stand out when it is done poorly. Sound for video producers and engineers are in high demand, maybe more so than in the music industry. This is, in part, due to the expanding growth of the internet. As video content continues to surge through the internet, companies are finding themselves investing more and more into video production to promote their content, message or product. Make sure that your video content not only looks great, but SOUNDS great!

For years, Lee Kebler has been producing sound for video in the professional market and can bring that high quality sound design to your next video production. Emmy nominated for best commercial in 2008, Lee has also won “Best sound design” at the “48 hour Film Festival” that same year. He has done sound design for documentaries, TV shows, News Broadcasts, independent films, commercials, and online video content. What can he help you accomplish?

Past work includes:

*Town Hall For Hope – Fox News Special

*The Center for Faith and Freedom – Documentary

*Dave Ramsey – Brand/Commercials

*ACLJ Weekly – TV Show

*Choosing Life – Documentary

*Out of Sleight – DVD Product

Supported Production Software includes:

*Logic Pro 9 – Complete Digital Audio Workstation

*Soundtrack Pro  – for Final Cut

*Ableton Live 8 – Suite

*ProTools – Digi 003

*Adobe Audition

*Ardour – for harris and linux systems

*Mac OSX – Systems

Contact Lee Kebler for more information of sound design for your video content!