Joy FM

The Joy FM in Florida is arguably part of the largest Christian music radio network in the south east of the US. The Joy FM contracted Lee Kebler for 8 months in 2011 to redesign much of the functionality and process of the radio station and its remote tower sites.






The redesign included:

Configuration of the WideOrbit automation system

Microphone upgrade and processing

Complete IP audio delivery upgrade & install (network wide)

Live event productions for two concerts consisting of venues ok 1,ooo+ seating

Live remote upgrade & install

Full rack room rebuild

Tower site scouting & install

Design & install national syndication system for multiple station broadcasts

This was an intense 8 month contract and it stretched the bounds of creative audio design on a budget. Lee KeblerĀ CAN find a way to work within most budgets and will do so to complete the tasks that seem insurmountable. You can contact us now to find your own broadcast solutions.