Jay Sekulow Live

In 2009 Jay Sekulow and the ACLJ organization hired Lee Kebler to produce and chief engineer the program as well as train staff in the future production and technical control of the nationally syndicated radio program. The program aired daily on over 1000 stations nation wide. Lee was given charge over studios in Washington DC, Nashville TN, Virginia Beach VA, France, and live remotes. These’s studios were utilized at various times but a mix of any number of them were used every day. The “Jay Sekulow Live” program runs daily as a remote broadcast from multiple locations, a feat that is not common in most broadcast settings. This challenge was met head on and the broadcast grew from 1million listeners to over 3 million listeners within Lee’s first six months of production.

The show consisted of news gathering, sound bites, live calls, and typically a high profile interview as news was breaking shows current topic. Also, live TV and radio hits were also a regular occurance. Fox News and Sean Hannity were two of the most frequent

The ACLJ had Lee build two state of the art radio studios and incorporated new IP audio technology throughout both systems.

The first studio was built in a 100+ year old building in north Nashville TN. This building was once an early automobile manufacturer and came with many technical hurdles due to its ages and some dilapidated areas.

We were, however, able to remodel the building and install a profession broadcast studio and the results were amazing!

 The installation included:

(4) ISDN connections, (2) IP Remote Conections, (3) mic studio, and a fully integrated  IP Audio System “Power Station” that was one of the first in professional broadcasting.


The second studio was in an iconic facility that has housed major record labels and TV productions for the past decade. This particular build was on much larger scale. The size of studio and control room both doubled in size and we were able to do away with the rack room all together. Custom furniture and broadcast desk along with a seated broadcasting console, made this studio not only highly functional but extremely comfortable to be in.




As this project came to an end, Lee spent the last month training staff to take over of responsibilities of the radio program production and engineering. For more information on the current program, visit www.ACLJ.org