Dave Ramsey

Lee Kebler was the audio director and broadcast engineer for Dave Ramsey. This included all sound that was associated with the Dave Ramsey brand. Lee produced, managed, and engineered audio for The Fox Business TV show as well as the nationally syndicated radio program, both of which aired daily. Simultaneously, Lee directed audio for live events, the FPU product line, as well as video for online and promotional content.

One of the more exciting productions Lee directed audio for was the very popular Town Hall for Hope in 2009. This event was a nation wide live ┬ávideo simulcast that aired in 1000 different locations across North America. The following video’s audio content including original music was produced by Lee Kebler for promtion of the event.


The audio sources ranged from live field audio, studio records, and music production in Nashville TN. Other projects at Dave Ramsey included the Financial Peace for Military, numerous case study videos with large companies that utilized Dave’s financial tools, and promotional materials for churches, schools, and institutions nation wide.